Grizzly 2019 Race Report

[Post 10/03/19]

The Grizzly 10th March 2019, 10.30am in Seaton, Devon, along the Jurassic Coast.


There were over 1600 people who took part in the infamous awesome Grizzly Run down in Seaton, Devon which spans the Jurassic Coastline. The start is on the Promenade and has a big build-up as the people who live and work here, celebrate and support this run well. There is a real buzz of excitement to be felt among the runners and a bit of nervousness too, as this 20 mile run is not to be sniffed at. It has earned its status as a tough (but fun) run due to the tough multi-terrain it offers it’s participants.

The start is on a beach, almost a mile of energy zapping, small to large rolling pebbles, on which you can gain no traction and struggle to get driving a force from. At that point I was thinking “I have another 19 miles to go yet 😫”. On exiting the beach it is an almost instant incline and then more climbs follow with the beckoning hills giving slight fears of trepidation.

To begin with the climbs and descents are on roads and then a few miles in you get onto fields and trails for more steep climbs and descents all in strong winds gusting up to 60 miles an hour. This run takes you through unspoiled countryside which offers you the most stunning views from great heights and it’s natural surroundings does not disappoint. The rugged flint-stone terrain tests your mental awareness and agility and the knee deep mud and large streams, swollen with heavy recent rainfall tests your stamina. Music, well-wishers, food and water (which is plentiful) help you along the way and not forgetting the marshals which are in great abundance with an enormity of enthusiasm and encouragement for the runners and there was a good presence of the emergency services too. Whether you would run or run/walk this course, you would definitely feel the toughness of this run. It has to be the hardest run I have done, but it was also the most fun and supportive one I have completed.

At the end I definitely felt I had been Grizzled 🐻.

If you fancy a character building challenge, sign up for next year’s ballot, guaranteed you won’t be disappointed.

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