Final Preparations for tomorrow’s 10k

[Post 11/05/19]

Its the last day before the race and we are making our final preparations. The grass on the course has been freshly cut and the markers laid out.

Many of us have been baking some amazing cakes, so why not reward yourself with a slice at the end (or before).

The weather for Sunday looks perfect! Not too hot and it should be dry. A few of us had a recce run of the course on Saturday and found it ok just wearing road trainers (although it is up to you if you feel more comfortable running in trails shoes).

The photo above was taken at the 7km marker (just before the grass was cut) and shows just how beautiful the course is along the sea wall.


We have had an amazing sign up for the race this year and before the online registration closed we still had a few last spaces available which can be filled for on the day registration (sign up desk opens at 08:15 at Ashingdon Primary School).


For more information about race day, please see the Race-Day-Instructions-Letter-2019


We are all very excited in seeing you all on the day and hope you enjoy our unique course and have a fantastic race!

Don’t forget to warm up before the race, and to bring some money for the FANTASTIC CAKES on sale at the end!


From all the Marshalls and Organisers at RRC


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