Tom’s Incredible Achievement in Namibia

[Post 25/11/19]

At RRC we have a range of runners from beginners achieving races of 5k, and others who take it to the extreme.

Tom Overing is one of those runners who always goes out to push his limits and set new and crazy challenges. Having completed a few marathons he is one of those runners who is not happy at stopping at the finish line and instead treats it as a warm up when competing in ULTRA MARATHONS.

This year Tom set himself a new challenge running with Rat Race….. “RACE TO THE WRECK” covering a huge 303km in Namibia of all places….!

The race starts with a 200km Fat Bike trek followed by 103km on foot across the Namib Desert to the Skeleton coast, finishing at an old ship wreck buried in the sand. Tom has been putting in some insane training sessions, even taking trips to France to practice on the “Dune Du Pilat” which is the largest dune in Europe.

The race spanned 4.5 days back to back in extreme temperatures in the 30s.

Tom raised an incredible £1300 towards Children With Cancer UK.

With this sort of race you need a good crew, and Tom’s girlfriend Danielle flew out to follow and support him all along the way until the very end.

We are very pleased and proud to announce that he smashed the race and to top it off dropped down on to one knee and put a ring on Danielle’s finger at the finish line!!!!

Congratulations Tom (and Danielle), we are all extremely proud and in awe of you!

Your friends at RRC



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