Rochford 10k…. 1 year on

[Post 20/03/19]

A little over a year ago and approaching the back end of my thirties, I decided that I needed to start looking after my health better. I joined the gym and started straight on the treadmill and to my horror I was struggling to run 10 minutes without stopping. Driving back from the gym I noticed a banner for a 10k race and after 5 minutes from walking through my front door and without thinking I was on the website and signed up……

OMG, what have I done. Only a couple of months away and I needed to get training!

Somehow I managed to eventually get up to 5k without stopping, and 2 weeks before race day I did my first ever practice run at that distance (I made it…. eventually)

Race day came and what a beautiful sunny May morning it was. I was literally the first runner to turn up (even before some of the marshalls) and was greeted with such a warm and friendly group of people
(especially to one of the members – Mark who gave me an insight in to the club).

10am came and the race was off. What a beautiful course it was. I love running off road and away from the cars and was pleased to find the first road section of the course closed off to traffic.
Soon after I found myself running across a stoney trail and across open countryside. With the running pack now starting to thin out and with the leaders far ahead of me, a short distance later and the trail turned in to a grassy sea wall with amazing views across the river crouch. All the time being cheered and encouraged on by such an enthusiastic and friendly bunch of marshalls. By this time my legs are burning and my chest is gasping but they drive me on to the finish.

THE FINISH! (I made it!), ok I have definitely got the bug now and want more. In the goody pack at the end of the race along with everything else was a flyer for the Rochford Running Club. I was on a role and two days later I was at the Tuesday club night and warmly welcomed and introduced to everyone by one of the coaches. A lot of familiar faces it seemed, only to remember that these were the guys who were marshalling 2 days previous.

Needless to say the rest was history. Rather than choose to “pay as you go” I signed up straight away for the years membership and have been running regularly with the club when I can on Tuesday and Thursday evenings ever since.

What a difference joining the club has been. From running a parkrun in around 30 minutes, the regular weekly training sessions have conditioned me to reducing this to 22.5 minutes, plus they have prepared me for my first half marathon (something I thought would never be achievable). The other benefit is that I now feel so much healthier and I am already 2.5 stone lighter than I was less than a year ago…..(Finally a BMI under just under 26 again)

Well a year later and rather than running the race again, I am now one of “Those Marshals” preparing for the 2019 Rochford 10k, hoping to inspire and encourace others along the way.

Thank you Rochford Running Club!!!!!



So if you are a beginner and want a goal and challenge to set, or if you are a seasoned runner and looking to better your 10k PB, then why not enter today.

Enter the 2019 Rochford 10k —  HERE

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