Rochford Guestimate Run Night

[Post 12/03/19]

Club “Guestimate Run” Night.

On Tuesday the 5th March we held our fun “Guestimate run”. At the start of the session each member of the team wrote down their estimated finish time for the training run that evening (covering the options of 2 distances 3.1 and 5.7 miles).

With a substantial prize on offer it wetted everyone’s taste buds to take it seriously and write down a carefully selected time.

With watches taken off, everyone set off from the Hawkwell Baptist Church (one of the two regular winter meeting points for club nights) and the various paces were set. At the end of the session it was discovered that the top 3 runners all finished within 7 seconds of each other.
Congratulations to Helen Olley who won with a time of only 21 seconds off her guestimate time. Closely followed by Chris Ruffle and Sam Clark who came in 22 seconds and 29 seconds off their respective estimates.

A fab night enjoyed by all!

Thanks to the coaches, especially Judith (and Colin for helping with the timing)



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