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Join the club

Rochford Running Club is affiliated with England Athletics and offer three types of membership to runners.

Membership of the Club is open, on application, to anyone aged 18 years or over who is interested in recreational or competitive running, regardless of sex, disability, ethnicity, race, nationality, sexual orientation, occupation, religion, political or other beliefs. All we ask is that people can run 3 miles without stopping before they are eligible to join (see section on Beginners).

Full membership: provides individual affiliation with England Athletics, giving discounted fees for all races entered during the year, and free attendance at all Club running nights (Tuesday & Thursday). A year’s full membership costs £60. This price is reduced on a pro-rata basis every quarter year meaning that the cost is £47.50 from July, £35.00 from October and £22.50 from January.

Associated Affiliated: provides individual affiliation with England Athletics, there is an annual fee of £15 which is the current affiliation cost to UKA and members will also have to pay for each Club running night they attend – currently £1 per session.

Associate membership: is available to all other RRC runners. This does not have any annual fee but means the individual will have to pay for each Club running night that they attend – currently £2 per session. This does not include affiliation with England Athletics.

The full membership is attractive to those that run regularly with the Club and enter races during the year. The Associated Affiliated membership suits those members who cannot make club nights regularly due to external pressures, ie shift work, young families, but still wish to have the benefits of affiliation to England Athletics. The ‘pay as you go’ option is available to everyone else.

Over the course of the year RRC holds approximately 100 Club running nights, meaning a ’pay as you go’ cost of around £200 (for adults) if paid per session. Full membership provides a significant saving on this outlay.

Our Membership Secretary is Paul Hellen. Further information can be obtained by emailing Paul at: